Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Test. Swim. Bike. Run.

It's been too long!

This week we are doing our standardized tests at school. I am pacing the room for four hours a day in complete silence. I wore a pedometer from 8:15-10 this morning and had already taken nearly 300 steps. Then if fell off my pants and made a loud, disturbing noise. The room didn't need any more distractions so I put it away. I hate that the kids have to sit in silence for so long. Maybe one day we'll figure out if we really need these kinds of tests (I vote no) and how to make them more appropriate for the students.

That being said, I was tired but decided I needed a really good workout today. So I attempted a mini-triathlon workout. I swam for the first time in months and it felt great! Did a little over half a mile. Swimming still makes me worry about my shoulder popping out of place again (long story-think "P90X and a pull-up bar") but it felt fine today. My only discomfort was on my left, middle toe. The nail was in bad shape after my marathon, but really started going downhill after Big Sur. It is hanging on by a thread (a tiny piece of skin) and I could feel it dragging with every kick I took. I hope my ATL bride doesn't mind a bridesmaid with a missing toenail.  I followed up the swim with a 8 mile bike ride- stationary bike that is. I was hoping for a 3 mile run but was too exhausted and starving. I made it about a mile and a half before I headed home and made a delicious veggie omelet.

Tomorrow is the last day of testing, besides makeups and retests next week. I really, really want to work out in the morning. I read today that as soon as your alarm goes off it's best to turn on a light ASAP. The light tells your body to stop making the sleeping hormone. I will try this!

I leave you with this: You either do or do not. There is no try.

What do you think of standardized tests? What are some good alternatives?

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Momma's Day

It's been quite a Sunday! I had a short but wonderful run this morning before church. A short run is better than no run and a great way to start the day. I saw a lot of moms out running or walking this morning. Some were with their children and others were not. As always, mothers were honored at church and I enjoyed telling complete strangers, "Happy Mother's Day." The Wells Fargo golf tournament also handed out pink stickers for all of the moms to wear today.  It's amazing how much moms do and how appreciated they are. After all, none of us would be here without them.  My grandmother ran the Peachtree Road Race in 1978 and my mom began running it a year or two later.  They are both truly inspirations. While I did not get to see my mom today, I celebrated with her last week in California- again running. It's becoming one of our favorite things to do together. Of course during this time we talk about life, laugh, and even sometimes cry. We share stories about work and adventures with our students. She gives advice and I listen. While I am not yet a mother I certainly have motherly feelings towards my students. I care about them, worry about them, get frustrated with them, and am so proud of them.  With just a few weeks left in the school year I am anxious and excited about their futures.  I hope I am an inspiration to each child like many of my teachers were for me.

How did you celebrate Mother's Day? Running, walking, biking, or just relaxing?

Saturday, May 7, 2011

I teach. I reach. I run.

Welcome to my blog! As I completed my second marathon (well it was a marathon relay) I began thinking about my love of running and my love of teaching. I was running along the Pacific coast on Highway 1 through Caramel, California. While I was taking in the exquisite scenery, I couldn't help but think of my kids. Every day is so exhausting and at the same time so rewarding. Each student means the world to me and I really never stop thinking about them. Running relieves the stress of eight hours a day with middle schoolers and gives me a wonderful opportunity to reflect on the day. As a new teacher, each day brings new adventures and challenges.  Running also prepares me for what lies ahead.  When I run in the morning I am so energized for the day! I love sharing my passion for running with my students and everyone I know. I was amazed when I realized there was no club or organization for Teachers Who Run- so I created it! Feel free to share your experiences and stories. Also, follow my on Twitter for updates- @teacherswhorun