Tuesday, June 19, 2012

weddings and lazy days

Two weeks until the big move.
My head is spinning to say the least. I'm staying busy working, practicing yoga, and running. I also watched two movies today (lazy yes, but I needed it.) One was One Day with Anne Hathaway, it was actually really good.

This past weekend my brother got married. It was hands down the best wedding ever. Best food, band, dance party, everything. Oh yes and Paleo? not so much this weekend, or even since then. I've been trying but it's so hard. I need my whole grains and chocolate. I almost took a picture of the food at the wedding, but I didn't.

Here we are at the pool before we got ready for the big night!

The groom's on the right. Is he excited or what? :-)
Love my brothers.

Dad and I post-ceremony pre-reception.

The north Georgia mountains were a phenomenal back drop, and perfect weather.

I was very choked up pretty much the entire ceremony, not to mention in my toast the night before. It was an amazing weekend, and my brother married an incredible woman. So glad she's now my sister!

With the wedding over the reality of my move is setting in and freaking me out a little bit. I am SO excited and SO certain it's what I need to be doing. I can be a little nervous though right?
Instead of packing tonight/today I've watched the Braves/Yankees game (will ALWAYS be go Bravos), sex and the city, and now I'm watching the OKC/Heat game. I really don't like the NBA but I figured why not. I also changed my twitter username and have begun putting together my new blog. Stay tuned for that!

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  1. Hey Anne! I read your blog and it really makes me excited for you! It sounds like this move is perfect for you right now. I hope you LOVE it in NY! Miss you and I hope to see you in October!