Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Back to School already?!

I have to admit I've spent much of my summer catching up on TV. While I have enjoyed the Bachelorette, Pretty Little Liars, and other new shows, nothing beats Soapnet. There's nothing better than watching old episodes of Beverly Hills 90210 and the OC. Especially the first season of 90210 as it is so cheesy and dramatic. It's funny to think I was six years old when it first aired. I usually DVR these shows so I don't have to watch commercials, but not always. I've noticed lately the abundance of Back to School commercials for everything from Target to Frosted Mini Wheats.  I hope one of my students has a little mini wheat on his shoulder :-) I think I'm ready for a new year and new group of kids, but not quite yet! It's only the middle of July so I've got a few more relaxing weeks ahead of me.

When I came in after my run today I was ready to relax and cash up with my friends Brandon, Steve, and Dylan. However, I was starving! So I want to share my new summer treat/breakfast I have created. I use about three or four tablespoons of non-fat plain Greek yogurt (gotta love the protein!) and mix in one tablespoon of peanut butter. It is a delicious and healthy treat loaded with protein and who doesn't love peanut butter?! I highly recommend it.

One other recipe I wanted to share I stumbled upon about a year ago. This is the best and healthiest banana bread ever. I currently have two very brown bananas and plan to make it this afternoon.

Check out the other recipes too on this website.

What I love about this banana bread is that you can make it with anything you have in the kitchen. You any substitute and nut and fruit. It is a great breakfast bread or afternoon/evening snack. Check out the picture below!

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