Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sweating in New York

I love this city more and more each hour. Seriously. Everything I do, everywhere I go, everything I see- it is remarkable.

I'm over halfway through the trip and get a little downtime now as I'm not working at the store anymore this week. Working there for three days was incredible. I literally had to pinch myself a couple times as I kept catching a glimpse of the streets outside and all of the people and remembering I wasn't in Charlotte, but in New York City.  I even changed the mannequins in the window yesterday, which was super cool. So many people will see those windows! I was talking with some of the girls about places to do yoga here, and they were telling me about an instructor who is Lady Gaga's personal yoga teacher. Amazing too!

Tuesday I started my morning with a walk along the High Line to City Bakery.  I tried to find the High Line one of the last times I was here, looked for hours, but never found it. (I was too close to the river.) So glad I found it this time. It was a gorgeous day too.  I took tons of pictures, but these are my favorite.

This is in lower west side walking to High Line.

It crosses the street. Pretty cool you can sit and watch the traffic below.

One of my favorite shots. It would be great to run up here but it's pretty crowded. I can only imagine what it's like in the summer months. Can't wait to see!

So the High Line in where old freight trains ran to avoid the street level. APparently no trains have been on it since 1980. The neighborhood came together to create the park. Pretty incredible, check it out.

I made it to City Bakery for breakfast. A bacon maple scone with hot chocolate and a homemade marshmellow. So delectable! It's Spring Break and I'm in New York City so I'm enjoying eating lots of rich yummy food.

 I only drank about half of the hot chocolate before I was stuffed!

After work Tuesday I headed back to the bakery to meet Allison and head up to Central Park for a run through the park. This was absolutely breathtaking. We ran 4 miles with a group, and ended up doing it very quickly. I was totally distracted by everything around me. I've been through the park but never like this. And there were SO MANY people. It was insane and I loved everything about it. It also made me really excited for doing training runs here for Marine Corps and eventually the New York Marathon.

I took this while I was running.

Gorgeous. The sun starting to set.

Post run. We both felt so great!

I don't have a picture but post-run dinner was at Shake Shack where we had hamburgers, fries, and this scrumptious peanut butter ice cream concoction. I definitely recommend it. 

Wednesday was my final day of working here. After work I met Alli and her mom at a restaurant at the High Line for drinks and apps before meeting two of my friends for dinner. It makes me so happy when I realize all of the friends I already have here! 

This morning we were determined to make it to early morning class at SoulCycle. I've heard so much about it in and outside of New York. Even with a late night last night I made it this morning. It was a blast and the perfect way to start the day. 

Intense spin class with great music and upper body workout.

I will absolutely be attending SoulCycle when I move here. I sweat like crazy and I know my legs and arms will be sore. The class has a great energy about it and the instructor was wild. I loved it.

I snapped this shot on the way home this morning. The sky has been crystal clear blue since I got here, thought it was rather chilly this morning. I could just walk around here forever. More to come...

more delicious f

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