Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Don't worry, the kids are heading back to school

This summer has been interesting with running. As I call myself "teachers who run" I haven't really been running much and I definitely haven't been teaching. I seem to have found more comfort in yoga, which I hadn't done for nearly two years. As I've said over and over I think it's the heat that's keeping me off the street. (Swear unintentional rhyme.) It's supposed to be in the low 70s tomorrow and I am really excited about getting a good run in and then some time at the pool (where I will read through our new text books.) I'm down to my final ten days of summer vacation and trying to not freak out. When people ask if I'm ready to go back I just refuse to say yes. Sure, I suppose I am, but I know I will miss all the free time. I spent the majority of my time yesterday sleeping. I've become an expert napper for the first time in my life. I even went to bed early and slept fairly late this morning. I'm really going to have to adjust this schedule next week in preparation for the school year- back to seriously running and teaching.

I've had an amazing day today. Began with my second trip to the farmer's market. I loaded up on veggies! I dropped the groceries at home and headed to yoga. Jonathon, my favorite yoga teacher, has been in India for the past week so I was excited to see him today. He shared with us his knowledge and love of Ashtanga yoga and told us stories of what he experienced in India. Ashtanga is a bit different from Bikram (what I used to practice) and still extremely challenging. It was an invigorating class today. I headed home and made some guacamole with my goodies from the farmer's market.  Then I walked down the street to get a massage! I hadn't had one since April after the Marathon, and this one felt great.  It's a small studio down the street- The Art of Massage. Check it out if you are interested and in the area! After the massage I cooked more fresh vegetables (see picture below) and cleaned for a couple hours. I wish I had spent every day of my summer being this productive!

One part of this day really stuck out. The yoga class I went to is in the morning and mostly comprised of young mothers.  Jonathon kept mentioning how each pose releases stress and saying, "Don't worry those kids will be out of the house and back at school soon!" While this surely relaxed those moms it did the opposite for me. I reminded myself that I needed yoga and running to get me through the school year. It also made me realize how tough summer must be on some parents. I was fortunate enough to have my mom, and sometimes dad, at home all summer long.  I loved this and never thought twice about the fact that they may not have. I know they enjoyed my brothers and me, but as an adult now I can totally understand how they may have been ready for that first day of school.  I am ready for the school year and excited to meet my students, but I can not imagine being a mother who teaches too. When would you ever get a break?! Your kids are different then your students, but still... Looking back on how I've spent my summer I obviously love being around children- babysitting, swimming lessons, etc. I guess when the time comes for me to teach and have kids I will enjoy it as much as I THINK my mom did :-)

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  1. Hey Anne - I loved the post! Made me think about what I'll have to look forward to this new school year as a new parent. (woa!)