Monday, August 15, 2011

I'm ready to run, and teach

Here I am sitting at Starbucks at 11:30 on a Monday morning. I'm enjoying it as much as possible because it's the last time for a while I'll be able to do this. Teacher workdays dont start until Thursday, but between grad school and babysitting today is my last free morning. I allowed myself to stay in bed for a while today watching the horrible but entertaining Karhy lee and Hoda. Pauli D was the guest on the show. Oh morning television trash, how I will miss you. Not really. So as I ran to the grocery this morning the inevitable finally happened. I text my best friend, "I think I'm finally ready for the school year to begin." There it is, I said it. I actually mean it too. So much that I bought myself some new pens and a composition book that I will use as a journal. Reflecting on my teaching is suggested by the teacher evaluation process, but more, it's something that I really want to do for myself.

The other thing that made me finally ready was the chill in the air this morning. It felt phenomenal. Since I slept late I didn't make a morning run (yoga this afternoon) but I am pumped for my morning run tomorrow. Thanks to my friend Kevin, I finally ran with a group Saturday morning. It was so much fun!! Great 7 mile run and I never even used my headphones. Kevin and I talked the whole time. Or maybe it was me talking his ears off the whole time. I'm pretty good at that! Either way it was a blast. The chocolate milk at the end was so satisfying! The group aspect also made me sure to stretch well at the end, which I sometimes rush through when by myself. The group does weekday morning runs too. 6 am at the track right by my house. This means I'll get home just after 7 and, more importantly, I'll actually get in track workouts and maybe, finally start improving my times. I'm hoping speed workouts will be a bit easier with people there to keep me company. There's nothing better than a morning run before school. It gets me energized and ready for a full day with 6th graders!

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