Monday, October 31, 2011


This is one of my favorite weekends of the year. While Halloween is not my favorite holiday, I enjoy it a lot. I LOVE dressing up for any occasion. Not like formal dress, but costume dress. My Halloween costume last year was phenomenal if I may say so myself.
I was really concerned about what to be this year as I knew I could not live up to last year. I decided on what I call my "German Beer Girl" costume I wore my first Halloween here in Charlotte. Unfortunately, I can not find the tool to hook up my camera to my computer so there will be no photo of that (didn't get one on my phone.) But, the other reason I love this weekend, the REAL reason I love this weekend: UGA/Florida game AKA the "World's Largest Cocktail Party." This was my second year not making it to SSI/JAX for the game, but I was still super pumped for it. On Sunday I saw a few UGA fans out and about, and I rolled down my window, and hollered a "Go Dawgs!" They appreciated this :-) I even smiled at one of my students today who was wearing a Gators sweatshirt. We won, so no need to scowl. We won!!!

I decided to also take part in a social media scavenger hunt Saturday before the game (ok ok so I missed the whole first half, but we were awful that part of the game so it was probably better for me to not see.) The scavenger hunt was sponsored by the Panthers and Allen Tate. My partner in the Scavenger Hunt, Kevin, decided we would be the "Honey Badgers," and I promised costumes. We definitely ended up looking more like skunks, but oh well.

Ok so here we actually had taken off the white boas that were running down our backs. They got way too in the way as we were running around the city. Keep in mind we had also run 8 miles at 6:30 Saturday morning. Here we're at Bojangles, or rather in a box of Bojangles.
We had to learn and perform a dance taught by the Panthers dancers.
We ended up getting 4th place out of nearly 30 teams! I was really excited and very surprised. We were at the after party and I was enthralled in the UGA game so almost didn't even hear them announce us as fourth place winners! We got a Panthers bookbag, hat, umbrella, and I got a football signed by Deangelo Williams!

One of my BFFs from life (he used to save me a seat on the bus every morning in elementary school)  and his girlfriend and sister were in town, so I celebrated Halloween and the UGA win with them that night! It was fun watching the game with them and screaming at the TV in the bar when most of the crowd wasn't paying attention to it. Unless you went to an SEC school or have attended this game you will never fully get it. It is huge and the W made our season, at least for me, that's all I know to say...oh and I woke up with this on my face Sunday morning:

Sunday was relaxing. I had coffee, read some, carved a pumpkin, cooked pumpkin seeds mmm, and watched a movie with my friends. Today at school the students and teachers dressed up as their favorite storybook characters. I was really drawing a blank and ended up as Mary Ann from The Babysitter's Club. Think pigtails, jeans, tennis shoes, and a name tag that said, "Mary Ann, Secretary" to help everyone identify me. 

I got some absolutely fabulous news after work today which I will share in a week or so.  (Don't let the anticipation get to you too much.) Let's just say I'm inching closer to my dream. Then I was excited to go for my Halloween run! It was my last of the month, totaling my miles for the month to 80! I was out for about 45 minutes running in the midst of the trick or treaters. The costumes were all very cute, lots of superheroes. These are my favorite:
Batman and Batgirl! I love my sweet family I babysit for and fortunately I caught them as they were heading out the door to get candy! I had a great run. I was full of energy and in a super super happy mood. I even snapped a shot of myself still rocking the pigtails:
Again, still very excited about the Georgia win!!!

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