Monday, October 10, 2011

Today's run = Math sucks

My run today- tired, downhill, running, walking, running on sidewalk, "Math Sucks," lots of Halloween decorations, more running, greeting fellow runners/walkers with a hello, more Halloween decorations, sprinters passing me, uphill, Cardinals flag, walking, man with child on bike in the new front-of-the-bike child seats, running past house hosting Young Life, woman yelling "Bambi!" calling her dog to dinner, running past delicious smelling Mellow Mushroom, home, stretch, tight muscles, planks, I need yoga!!!

I want to focus on the "Math Sucks" written on sidewalk in chalk. It's as if they knew I was coming. Unfortunately I didn't have my phone with me so I could not take a picture of this. After that it said, "Math is ic..." I guess their vocabulary is rather small and they could think of no more words to describe the wonder that is mathematics. I got to thinking about math and running and other forms of exercise. Some may say that of the four core subjects science relates most to the human body and it staying physically fit. I would like to argue this and say that math relates most to our health and fitness. In order to stay fit we must move. It may be swimming, biking, running, walking, karate, dancing, but it is all movement. This involves our heart rate going up. To figure out how fit we are we must calculate our heart rate, calories burned, speed, pace, distance, body weight, etc. That ALL involves math! We must also remember eating and what it does for our health. How many calories? How many fat grams per calories? Carbs, sugars, protein and more. So for everyone who "hates math," this is yet another example of how much it is used daily in the real world.

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