Tuesday, October 25, 2011


No, I don't mean doing yoga for 24 hours straight or something crazy like that. Im sure that already exists. What I want is an event where I can do yoga for 1 1/2-2 hours and then run! I had one of the best practices I've had in a while tonight, and left so full of energy. Unfortunately for me, that was at 8:30PM. I really needed to be calming down, but as I was driving home, all I wanted to do was run. I can only hope this carries over to tomorrow morning. Imagine though, doing yoga, getting energized with inversions, and then totally relaxing in shavasana. To get up, strap on your running shoes, and head out for a run! What could be better? Maybe not a half or full marathon afterwards, but just a 3 or 10K. Perhaps I will do that one day on my own. Maybe it can be created as an event. "Crow to Cheetah" (yes I know they're both poses but I mean run like a cheetah) or " Om and Run," maybe.  I don't think I'd like "Run and Om." That would just be too hard.

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