Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Buddha

No I'm not talking about the person, I'm talking about the restaurant. Fair warning, this has nothing to do with running or teaching, or even yoga. It has to do with the best Chinese restaurant ever. If you have ever met me or anyone in my family, chances are we've recommended it and even forced you to eat there with us. My family has been eating at this restaurant, The Golden Buddha, since 1977 or 1978. So since before we were a family. When it was just mom and dad they would go together. Then they had one brother, and another, and then me. There's no telling how many birthdays we've had there. We use to occupy the table in the back right with the lazy susan on it. We haven't looked at the menu in at least 27 years. (I've don't actually remember looking at it.  I probably just ordered what my brothers told me to.) I always get mongolian beef, soup (sizzling rice or egg drop,) and an egg roll. The egg roll is a MUST. The best egg roll ever, ever. They use to deliver it to our house when my parents probably didn't feel like dragging us out. They know us all by name. Coincidentally, the owners name is the same as my brothers. Maybe my parents named my brother after the owner. Hmm???? So what made me think of this was a voicemail I received today from my brother. He eats lunch there at least once a week, probably more like twice.  He called me today so incredibly giddy to tell me the owner said his lunch would be free. FINALLY! He was so excited it made me laugh out loud.

So I will actually tie this into running, there is one thing I failed to mention in my detailed race recap. When we would go to Golden Buddha for birthdays my grandparents would always go with us. Whenever my grandfather would hug me he would always slap my bottom as I walked away, like hard. When I was an awkward middle-schooler I tried to not let him hug me because it was embarrassing and really did hurt! (But yes it was in a loving way.) So when I was running my heart out on Thanksgiving I looked up in the sky and said, "Come on Cop (that's what we called him, long story) give me a smack on the bottom and make me run harder!" And I'd like to think he did, and he helped me get that PR.

That's Cop in the middle with our family at his 70th birthday party. And yes that's me in the totally sweet short jean overalls with an embroidered flower... ahh awkward middle school.

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  1. wow, definitely have been made to eat here at least a couple times with ben. good stuff.