Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Jay-Z is in the building...

I have 5% battery left on my computer, so this is going to be a quick one.

It's that time of year again! This week there are two things I'm super excited about watching on TV. One just started! The Victoria's Secret fashion show. Now I know a lot of guys love this, understandably, but so do I. I think it's because I imagine how fun it would be to be in it! Just to get all dolled up in fantastic outfits and winnnngs. There is absolutely no way I could walk the runway in those heels though. I would FACE PLANT. (I'll never really understand why the show happens during the holiday season, I guess to remind people to shop there...)

Second, tomorrow night on NBC at 8PM is the Lighting of the Tree in Rockefeller Center. This is one of my favorite things to watch on TV all year! And to make it even better, my roomie and I are going to buy our tree tomorrow night so we can put it up/decorate it while we watch this. We will probably be drinking hot chocolate too. (Don't worry pictures will come.)

There are great musical guests at both of these shows. Kanye and I think Jay-Z on the fashion show, and Faith Hill and others on the tree lighting. Hopefully one day I will attend the tree lighting in person!!!

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