Saturday, November 26, 2011


About three weeks ago I made a list of things I wanted to write about. That didn't work so well. Here I am three weeks later and it's, as of one minute, November 27th and I've only blogged once in November. I'm going to try and write 8 more times before December, nearly twice a day, so wish me luck.

I am VERY lucky to have recently become a seasonal part-time educator at lululemon athletica. If you have never been to this store, or purchased our product. DO IT NOW. :-) running, yoga, ballet, just hang out in the clothes! Once you put them on you will never want to take them off.

Along with my very favorite saying DO IT NOW, here are some other things I love that are found written and often said in the store...

Do one thing a day that scares you. 

Dance, sing, floss and travel. 

Breathe Deeply, and appreciate the moment. Living in the moment could be the meaning of life. 

Sweat once a day to regenerate your skin.

I am also very fortunate to work with such a wonderful group of people at the store. Everyone shares a love of fitness and healthiness, and it's nice hanging out with people who share those feelings with me. I have also been encouraged to sit down and take time to think out my goals for the future.

Write down your short and long-term GOALS four times a year. Two personal, two business and two health goals for the next 2, 5 and 10 years. Goal setting triggers your subconscious computer.

This has always been an idea of mine, but I've never actually written them out in an organized fashion. Now, I am! And I am putting the finishing touches on them. It's crazy how real things are when they are written.

Along with goals, I am also focusing on my strengths. I just completed, literally five minutes ago, a strength finder assessment. It pulled my top five strengths, not saying they are WHAT I should be doing, but saying they are WHERE I am the strongest. They we Right. On. Target. My #1 was a Woo- winning over others. I'd say this is pretty spot on. I love being around other people, and could talk to any stranger put in front of me. This helps in situations where others may feel uneasy. I have always been told I'm easy to talk to, and this supports that as well. My other top 4 strengths (positivity, communication, futurist, and developer) ALL point me in the direction of teaching or sales/marketing. Ironic? I think not. What I do and what I used to do, what I can go back and forth with forever I suppose. They are almost one in the same.  I make people feel comfortable (students in the classroom), look towards the future, talk a lot but in a way that others understand, and encourage others to find their strengths, putting a positive spin on almost everything. I am REALLY excited about reading more into my strengths and what I can do with them to excel the most in life.

Oh, and the Woo and Positivity also VERY often mentioned sports. Is this accurate? 110%. Go DAWGS :-)

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