Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Making the Goal

The 27th of November I realized how little I have blogged this month. I said I would write 8 more times before December, and this is the 8th! It hasnt been too hard, but like all things it took me setting aside time to do it every day. I've really enjoyed this, so I'm raising the bar of writing 20 times in December, and I can't wait! I'll be doing a decent amount of traveling, of course running, and more yoga than usual. I've practiced 3 times this week, every day, and each day at a different studio. I'm very excited about tonittow's yoga at Noda Yoga! My body feels so great, refreshed, and strengthened. I am looking forward to a good run this weekend though.

Overall I'm thriving off all of this goal setting. So much that I'm going to have my students write some new goals for Spring semester. It's amazing what writing them does! My goals are not only written, but printed and posted in the store. Talk about being for real!

So life, here I come. I can't believe it's December!

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